1. With the cliché honesty is the best policy, I have put a random series of facts about myself. Quirky tidbits that somehow would enable someone to divine who I was. Am. I have since amended that.

    Like a snap shot of my bucket list. That tells you nothing about me. Am I adventurous because I want to travel the world, and have majority of the US under my belt as a series of “been there, done that’s”? I have six states left to see before I have seen all 50. I have been to 2 other countries; aside from my native #murica (please intuit that as sarcasm, and my dear, we’ll be friends). I have attempted, albeit half-heartedly- to learn 4 languages other than English. My favorite is Italian. It’s almost like remembering something I had forgotten.  I would also enjoy the opportunity to hang glide, because in my earth-bound body, the ability to fly seems to be the greatest freedom, even if only a phantom taste of the infinite is the maximum I can ever hope to achieve in that regard.  

    I am the eternal Jack (or is it Jill) of all trades, and master of none- fond of the arts, sciences, and historical babble that allows introspection into where we come from as living entities and cosmic, self-aware specters’ that may be mere blips in the scheme of all things.

    I am teller of tales, writing linked at times to the great bards of old for an archaic and yet romantic harmony to set the script, and also critiqued that I am hard and coarse when I should be soft and refined, but really, when is life so very delicate, except when we are exposed so jarringly to the roughness of existence? Is it not the chiaroscuro that reminds us of the very nature of one thing by showing us another?

    I am an atheist in that I believe in no god and openly despise the thought of one, though I understand why some need the idea of one. Who am I to judge what is real and not for another? I can affirm that this stance will not waver, and should you seek to change it, please move along and find some other hell-bound soul to save because I want no part in a heaven that would deny a just person entrance because they could not, ethically, follow an unjust entity blindly. I would quote Marcus Aurelius and would not wait for a substandard reply.

    I am a feminist because I believe in the divinity of life itself, and as such find respect, equality, and honor to be valuable in all things. Diane Lockward’s  Eve Argues Against Perfection is perfection. I am an advocate for causes that stir my soul, and actively volunteer, donate, and participate. I am a pitbull mama, and should his breed or status as being “owned” bother you, I would quote a man downtown who met my dog and commented that he lived a great deal better than many people in the Triangle, let alone the rest of the word. I would then also quote Kansas and tell you to “carry on my wayward son” for it is not your approval I seek. He will come before you every single time.

    I seek an equal, and if you seek to be master or servant, please keep looking.  

    Manners, kindness, and acknowledgment of basic respect will get you far. Comments like “while I’d like to fuck your brains out, I do want to get to know you” will diminish any and all chances you may have ever potentially held. I am not an objet de vertu for you to fetishize and use for your own self-gratification because you are too inept to treat a woman with respect enough that she would want to, as has been so crudely put , have her brains fucked out by you. That shit will literally make me fantasize about you getting lost in a sand storm of salt, and then falling in a sea of lemon juice. Meaning you’ll be sterilized and perhaps then, you’ll learn your bullshit lines are not only disgusting and vile, but unwanted as much as onion juice in the naked eye.  Suggestion? Try something truly funny, geeky, or quirky. Or hell, even boring, but that may not catch my attention for even just a moment. And no, I’m bisexual not into having a menage a trois, being “gang banged”, or joining your polyamorous and open relationship. I’m boringly monogamous.

    Thank you, no thank you for asking.

    A glimpse at what my profile would read if I were honest. 

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